Best Web Hosting Reviews

web hosting reviewsWith literally thousands of webhosting offers available on the current market, some people may feel it’s quite frustrating to find the best web host that meets their needs and budget. All those companies claim to be the best provider around the net, while actually most of them never deliver their own promises. The purpose of this site is to provide unbiased hosting reviews around various providers at different plans and packages with a hope these reviews can provide any help to the readers.

Shared Hosting Review

shared hostingAmong all web host types available, this one is probably the most popular and used by webmasters around the globe. That is why almost every providers offer shared webhosting plan and right now there are thousands offers available with various packages and price ranges. In this shared hosting reviews we are going to discuss various shared host offers that are coming from reputable companies only, since it is almost impossible to cover all the available offers. We will try to update the reviews with new ones to help you find the best shared web host offers that meet your need and budget.

Dedicated Hosting Review

Dedicated server plan is an appropriate option for anyone who run huge website with loads of traffics and needs more reliability as well as security. dedicated hostingIf you run a big and popular site or e-commerce site that needs more security, this is the most appropriate plan for you. This service also offers more flexibility to the users on how to run and manage their server and website. The users have total control over the server, what operating system and applications to use, and many other. In this dedicated hosting review page we will discuss several popular services with a hope it will give you a clear understanding on what kind of service you are going to get from each provider.

VPS Hosting Review

vps hostingVPS or Virtual Private Server is suitable for you who need server reliability and security as well as need more flexibility but doesn’t need the high resources or have the budget for a dedicated server service. VPS is a kind of bridge for shared and dedicated service, where customers get the benefits of dedicated server without the need to spend a lot of money. Suitable for any medium sized websites. Read this VPS hosting review page for more detailed information about various VPS providers so you can choose the most appropriate one that meet your needs and budget.

Reseller Hosting Review

This specific webhosting service is quite different than the above three mentioned before. On this plan, user can resell their unused server resource to other users. This reseller hostingcan be a good option for anyone who want to start their own web host business but have no time or the skill needed to run their own server. Many shared host services out there are actually coming from people who run this reseller business. At this reseller hosting review we provide detailed information about various providers who offer this type of service. Check it out if you want to run a reseller host business.

Web Hosting Review – An Overview

When the time comes to choose a new web host for your site, it can be a real hassle in choosing the right company. Over the past couple of years, numerous webhosting companies have started up from all around the world. In terms of the internet, this is the only industry and market that will surely never fail. In order for sites to be online, there has to be some sort of webhosting service available. Despite the fact that the big companies rule the industry, many small to medium sized webhost companies are still doing incredibly well. If you are in search for best webhosting services, you may want to consider checking out some webhosting reviews.

Web hosting review has become very essential for this industry, as tons of people have had less than average experiences. If you’ve found a company that offers a good deal for webhost services, your next step should be to read the user reviews about that specific company. Depending on the time they have been in business, they may or may not have that kind of reviews available online. Surely, the major companies have tons of reviews with both positive and negative impressions.

So, what do you look for in a hosting company? Before you even approach a company for services, you need to know what it is that you need. If you walk into a car dealership, they will surely try to sell you a car with added extras. Being smarter than the seller is always a good thing for you. Based on your needs, you should have an idea of the amount of space, bandwidth and domain support you need. Some service providers offer unlimited space and bandwidth, so that too can work in your favor.

When you are browsing through the company’s site, you will come across some testimonials on their site. One thing to remember is that, this could easily be biased. As the reviews are on their site, it is something they could have easily written themselves. Most times, testimonials found on those sites are usually written by their webmaster or marketing team. One of the hardest things for consumers is to find honest web hosting reviews on a specific company. The good thing is that there are numerous established review sites, like this one, so you could easily find one that has true verifiable reviews.

One common trend you might have noticed is that some big companies are always listed among the top three or top five in most of the review sites. Have you ever wondered why? In all honesty, there is a completely viable reason as to why these providers are at the top all the time. This market is a lucrative business, hence those companies pay out large amounts of money for each referral. If XYZ company pays the largest commission in the industry, most review sites will place them at the top, so they could earn the most commission when people purchase hosting plans from that review site.

A very good way to find a hosting company without reading reviews sites, which is not really advised to not to, would be to consider getting referrals from acquaintances or friends. If you have a friend who runs a website, you could probably get a honest recommendation from him/her. Word of mouth from a friend is much more valuable as opposed to a review found online. Unfortunately, not everyone has friends who use web hosting services, so this method really doesn’t go too far in the books. However, look for trusted web hosting reviews websites and search for the best web hosting company you are considering.