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A dedicated hosting solution is required when a website becomes so large that a normal shared or VPS solution is no longer able to support the website and its operations. Dedicated server solutions provide you with the opportunity to have your own personal server for your website. This relieves you from the duty of having to share resources of your server with other users. 1and1 offers a variety of dedicated web host solutions to its clients. Let us take a look at the service being offered by 1and1.


1and1 dedicated webhosting plans are basically of three different types. They are the L plan for standard applications, the XL plan for advanced applications and the XXL plan for professional applications. Under the L plan , account holders get 12 GB of RAM, 1000 GB of storage at a price of $59.99/month. Under the XL plan, users get 24 GB of RAM, 2000 GB of disk space and up to 8 processor cores for a price of $129.99/month. Under the XXL plan, dedicated hosting account users get 32 processor cores, 64 GB of RAM and 4000 GB of storage space for a price of $399.99/month. All these webhosting plans have the option of going in for an AMD or an Intel Xeon processor.


Hardware performance is guaranteed by the use of powerful servers having high end AMD or Intel Xeon cores. Not only this, you have the option of configuring the specifications of your server according to your needs and requirements. When it comes to the software specifications, all servers make use of either CentOS 6, Debian 6, Ubuntu, openSUSE or Windows Web Server 2008. For the purpose of connectivity, the whole of the data center is connected to the internet via 100 Mbit connections.

Reliability and security:

Reliability is ensured by having one of the most advanced data centers in the United States. Not only this, every server contains multiple hard disks which are connected via a RAID network. 1and1 makes use of RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 6 to ensure that no data is ever lost and there is highest security against any kind of failure. Security is ensured my making use of external Cisco based firewall and 1and1 SSL certificates. Apart from this protection is provided by making use of 1and1 antivirus and Norton internet security.

Customer support:

1and1 offers 24/7 customer support to all its dedicated server hosting users. Customer support is provided by in-house technicians which are all US based. Customer support can be contacted at any time using either email or a 24/7 hotline that is available for use to all customers free of cost.

Additional features:

Some additional features included with 1and1 dedicated server packages include unlimited domains, gamer server software, parallels plesk panel 10, full root access, monitoring service, recovery tool, serial console, own static IP, own local mail server, 1&1 anti-phishing software, 1&1 online office software and 1and1 mailxchange application.

1and1 dedicated server hosting is suitable for large websites requiring a huge amount of resources. Not only this, their services are in fact so popular among large website owners that almost all of them prefer to host their website with them. This shows the belief website owners have in the packages and the service offered by them.

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