Benefits of VPS Hosting Plan

Talking and analyzing the benefits of VPS (Virtual Private Server) web hosting plan will be easier when we compare it directly with other webhosting plans, in this case shared and dedicated server service. With that in mind, we will start this article by talking the facts on other plans first.

Dedicated Hosting

This web host package is, undoubtedly, a great and powerful option for anyone who want top performance for their website. Every single server is available specifically to single user only. It will give the customer an absolute control over the server, what operating system to use, what applications to install, and so on. It also offers better security since there’s no other user can touch the machine.

The main drawbacks of this webhosting plan are the high cost involved and it needs someone with more than average skills to run and manage the server. This plan is suitable for large business website who needs high performance and secure server environment. For example, an e-commerce site with loads of items and transactions every day.

Apart from the great benefits it offers, this web host plan is usually not a suitable plan for any start up companies with limited budget and average skilled work forces.

Shared Hosting

Another option is shared hosting plan, which is the most popular webhosting service these days. This package is the most popular choice among website owners for a valid reason, it is cheap. In this case, the web hosting company rent a single server among many users who basically share the overall resources among them. This is why they can cut the price a lot since the overall cost is divided among many people.

The main drawback of this plan is the fact that the sites hosted on the single machine can interfere other sites on that same machine. So, if a site uses too much resources it can affect other sites hosted on the same server. Another drawback is the limited capacity and server resources allowance that can be used by each site, including how much CPU and RAM can be used, as well as limitation on the applications can be used on it.

VPS Hosting

It can be said that VPS is the bridge between shared and dedicated hosting plan. It offers the benefits of dedicated plan while the cost involved is not too high, though it still higher than the shared one. Let’s look at it this way.

How many partitions you have on your computer hard drive, 4, 10, or maybe 15 partitions? This is the same case on VPS, however each of those partitions has its own operating system. Every partition runs as a different machine beside the fact that they are still on the same machine. Each of those virtual machines has certain amounts of resources allocated to them, be it CPU, RAM, drive spaces, and other resources. This way, no matter what happen with one virtual machine, it won’t affect other virtual machine on that same box.

This is not the case of shared webhosting service where all users run on the same single machine and can interfere each other.

Just like a dedicated service, on a VPS hosting package you will have an absolute control on your own virtual machine. You can install your own Operating System, install any applications you need, and many more. The difference is just that you won’t get all the server resources limit, since you still share it with other virtual machines on that same box.

Actually, you can call it as a mini dedicated service, where you can have all the benefits of a dedicated machine with just less power and resources on it. This is why VPS can be offered in lower prices.

VPS webhosting service is suitable option for anyone who run medium website who needs more flexibility as well as a more reliable and secure server environment, but doesn’t need too much server power and resources. This is the best way to get the benefits of a dedicated hosting without paying too much for it.

There are basically two choices available for you when it comes to buy VPS web host service. They are managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. You can read more about these options in details at this article, Managed and Unmanaged VPS. Basically, unmanaged plan is cheaper than managed one, however it is not for you if you don’t have the skill and time to run and manage your own server. Just read the article above for more details on it.