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Bluehost Review

In the present highly competitive web hosting industry, BlueHost has become one of the most noticeable names with over one million domain names hosted. The company, which was founded in 1996, has been providing quality webhosting services to many distinct businesses and to individual websites. Bluehost is a fast growing company with 20,000 new clients every month. It has become wide and extensive due to its ability to provide a wide range of features at a reasonably low cost. This web host company has managed to keep up with rising competition, evolving technologies and shifting consumer demand over the years.

BlueHost Hosting Packages

Bluehost provides a complete web host solution for all consumers, ranging from business owners to those people who want to set up personal websites, on a relatively small budget. While many webhosting companies have a wide range of packages offered, Bluehost has only one plan, which is suitable, for anyone in need of hosting services. This web host provider provides an all inclusive web host package with payments starting from as low as 6.95 US dollars per month. The plan is particularly perfect for novices in web development and maintenance. The plan provides unlimited domain name hosting, 3000GB monthly data transfer allocation, unlimited disk space and 2500 email accounts.

This plan eliminates the headache one gets with trying to understand all the terminologies used when describing different plans. Furthermore, one doesn’t have to start choosing the best option because everything you may need is in that one package. One can argue that this company doesn’t provide enough for those who need more advanced services. This, however, is a misconception because there are still many options one can choose from within the plan. An example is moving from the normal shared server to a dedicated server for one’s site. All in all, this plan is well accommodating and affordable no matter the services needed.

Control Panel

Bluehost offers cpanel as a server control interface for their customers. The cpanel is reliable, fast and user friendly. Moreover, they offer fantastic and simple scripts, which enable you, to install web application with just a few clicks.

Uptime Review

According to a recent report which tracked Bluehost uptime since 2005, this company has managed to maintain a 99.7% uptime. This is a really impressive figure considering the reasonable cost it charges.

Reliability and Support

Bluehost utilizes quad processor high performance servers to host its sites. It also uses Denial of service protection, (DDOS), to protect their client’s contents from viruses and hackers. The supportive 24/7 customer service is also an essential aspect to consider when choosing a hosting provider to host your website.

Beginners and bloggers have categorized this host provider as one of their best hosting providers. This is because of the high performing package, reliable service and the immense support from the customer care. Bloggers want high speed for their hosting, and this is what Bluehost provides. However, there have been minor complaints on the fact that they shut people’s accounts without any prior warning. Nevertheless, the affordability and reliability of their service have managed to cover for its few shortcomings.

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