Dedicate Hosting Plan Benefits

Since you are reading this article, maybe you are thinking about having your site moved to dedicated server but not sure of its benefits, considering it will cost you more. Maybe you think why should you go with a dedicated hosting when you are currently pay a lot cheaper using a shared one.

In a nutshell, with this webhosting service your website will be hosted on a server that is belong to you only. On the contrary, most of the websites alive now are using shared host service, which basically sharing the server resources among all the users.

It’s obvious that the advantage of shared plan is mostly on the price part, which is affordable to anyone. Since they share the resources, they also share the cost to run the server, hence the price is low for each user.

However, for anyone who run serious business website, an online store for example, having their site hosted on shared plan is not really an ideal solution. This type of service is ideal for start-up sites with low server resources requirement and don’t need any custom application.

Who Need Dedicated Hosting?

People with big website who gets thousands of visitors will find dedicated solution is their best bet. This kind of website needs lots of server resources which can’t be delivered by a simple shared service, which most likely will suspend your account if your website consumes too much resources.

If you run an online store and process the transaction online, then having dedicated service for the website is a must. This is due to the security reason. With this service you will have a total control over the machine so no one can’t break it and steal your clients information, for example.

If your web site needs custom application to run properly, then having the website hosted on dedicated hosting will accommodate the needs. With this plan you will be able to install any applications, software, or scripts you need to have your website run properly. This plan offers full flexibility to the users.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

Below are just several benefits of having dedicated hosting solution to support your web site. There are simply way more benefits of this service, however few factors mentioned below will be enough to describe the benefits it offers.

Maximum Performance

Having this type of server to host the website, you will get the most excellent performance that will really affect your website performance. No other plans can beat it, period. This is why people who have busy website with huge processing power requirements will find this plan is the best bet for them.

Superb Reliability

Unlike shared plan where other sites hosted on the same machine can affect your site, in a dedicated server plan you are the only one who uses it. It will dramatically improve the reliability of your server. With this plan you will never have crash issues since the resources is only available for you.

Better Security

We know that security is one of the most concerned issues on the online world. This one reason alone is enough for anyone with serious online business to get their site hosted on dedicated web hosting service. You have to know that the more sites/users use the same server, the more vulnerable security holes open for hackers to attack your server. So, having your site on a dedicated solution will minimize the security risk a lot.

Total Flexibility

Having this web hosting plan means you are the master of the server. You can do practically anything with the machine. You will get all the freedom you need to expand your website whenever you need it. Successful site will reach certain point where the needs to expand to a higher level is simply inevitable. And in this case share hosting can’t accommodate the needs any longer.

While the benefits listed above are real, as stated before, they are actually just a simplified version to describe the benefits of having a dedicated hosting service for your website. There are way more advantages of having a dedicated server to host your site.

The Drawbacks

It will be unfair to give the benefits without giving you an information about the drawbacks. This section is not to steer you way from this plan. It’s to inform you what you will have to prepare before you decide to go with this webhosting service.


The most notable factor when it comes to dedicated web hosting service is the high cost required to have it. Since you will be using a single server for yourself the involved cost is yours only as well. However since this is the blood of a website, if you run a serious and profitable online business, I believe you won’t find it as a problem.


To be able to use this web host service to its fullest, it is required for your business to have a skilful staff to manage the server. Make sure you, or your staff, know how to solve any problems that might appears down the road. You can go with managed plan to reduce the works involved, however having the ability to solve the problem yourself, or in-house, will help a lot.

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