Dedicated Hosting – An Overview

Dedicated Web Hosting – Powerful, Reliable, And Secure Service

Dedicated hosting service can be a great option should your web site needs better stability, security, get huge amount of traffics, or needs specific application that is not available on shared hosting plan. While VPS service can be another good option, you will get better and more powerful server resource if you are running on a dedicated server. You will also get a complete and thorough control over the machine so you will be able to set it up yourself to meet your requirements. You can install any software, scripts, and application you need, virtually without any limitation.

Dedicated server service is suitable for any sites that need huge amount of server resources, better server stability and security, sites that have a lot of daily traffics, sites that require certain applications that is not common found on shared hosting service. If you are running, for example, an online store with hundreds or thousands of products and lots of traffics, then dedicated server is probably the most suitable option for you.

These days, there are 2 types of dedicated hosting that are common found in the market, managed and unmanaged options.

Managed Dedicated Hosting

Running a dedicated server will require certain level of knowledge on technical stuffs. However, with a managed service, most of the technical issues are handled by the webhosting company. They will manage the hardware and software running on the machine, updating them whenever required, as well as providing technical support to ensure your server are running properly. Managed option is suitable for you in case you are not really a technical savvy, or don’t have the time for it, since you will not need to touch the technical parts a lot.

Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

Unmanaged service option is less expensive compared to the managed one above since in this plan the provider will not provide any supports to most technical issues. However, with this plan, you will need to have good knowledge and skill since you are basically provided with an empty machine. You will have to install all the software and applications you need, setting them up to meet your needs, as well as maintaining them to ensure the server is running smoothly. If you decide to use unmanaged server, make sure you or your staff have the required skills to run the server, have the knowledge about the applications running on it, as well as various other web applications and networking knowledge.

Dedicated hosting provides lots of advantages to us, however there are two main disadvantages of this service, cost and technical aspects.

In this webhosting plan, you basically rent the whole machine for yourself. This way, the cost involved in running the machine is billed exclusively to you. It is different then if you are choosing a shared or VPS plan, where basically the entire cost will be shared among other clients. You can reduce the cost by choosing unmanaged service plan, however, you will need certain level of knowledge on the technical things. On the other hand, if you are not technically skilled, you can choose managed server plan where almost all the technical aspects are handled by the provider. However, this way, you will need to pay more each month.

If you are not really sure which option to choose, you can contact the provider staffs first, and ask if you can switch to other option down the road. If you can, choose unmanaged plan, and if you find it is beyond your knowledge to handle all the technical stuffs, contact the company to transfer you on the managed plan.

Another option is, using a VPS service, which is lot less expensive and will not need high level of technical skill. You will still have almost all the features you need, however, the entire service you get will be less powerful compared to a dedicated service one.

Since dedicated server is a more advanced and costly option, it is always suggested that you really do your research prior to choose which company to go with. Make sure they have great customers feedback, have a top notch server specs, great uptime and reliability, as well as provide excellent customer services. Check out various hosting reviews sites as well as hosting related forums to check out what other people said about certain service and provider so you will not end up choosing the bad one.