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dedicated hostingIf you run a big website with lots of pages and visitors, or maybe you want to run your online store and needs a more reliable as well as more secure server environment, then dedicated hosting is the best choice for you. With this service your big project meets the right home for it. You will have a total control over your server as well as the overall limit of its capacity and performance.

Dedicated means everything is for you only, including the cost to run the server. This service is not for everyone as it can cost you a lot. Choosing the right provider is very important since the involved cost is quite huge. At this review page you can find several reviews around various services and providers on this market. We will keep updating this reviews page to be able to provide more options for our readers who want to get the best deal that meet their needs and budgets.

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Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated webhosting service is a type of web host service in which the client has the option of leasing an entire server for himself or herself. This means that in this case there is no sharing of the server resources so the entire resource will be available for use of a single client only. This type of service is the most flexible solution as the client will have a complete control over the box which include the choice of hardware, operating system and applications that would be installed on the machine.

This webhost plan is primarily used for websites and web application that garner a lot of traffic or which put a lot of pressure on the server resources during their operation. It is generally used to host web applications that would otherwise not work on the limited resources offered by shared and VPS solutions.

Although this type of service will be quite costly, as compared to shared and VPS plans, they definitely offer distinct advantages over other products or packages out there. The biggest advantage of using a DS plan is that the whole machine box is absolutely yours to use and it is you who decides what is going to be hosted on it and what is not going to be hosted on the box. This will ensures that you are going to get the best performance when it comes to running your web applications or website on that server.

Another advantage of using a dedicated plan is that you get complete control over the server, something that is not possible in case of VPS or shared hosting. Most of the providers will also offer root access via SSH with their DS plans. This way you can decide upon the operating system to be used and the plug-ins and applications that need to be installed on the machine. Not only this, with this webhosting plan you will get a more secure environment for your website as compared to other available plans. The reason for this is since you are the only person having an account on the box, there is no one else who knows how your server is configured and what are the points of entry to it.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, there are some other benefits which you get when you buy a DS webhosting account. These benefits include special phone based customer support, regular automated backups, load balancing, firewall services, performance monitoring, performance tuning, etc.

But there are some problems you need to be aware of when it comes to using a dedicated webhosting account. The biggest problem is that you need to manage the entire server yourself. This means that you are in charge of handling the maintenance and administration of that machine. This might prove to be a hindrance for those who do not understand the basics of server administration. Fortunately, these days webhost companies also offer managed dedicated webhosting accounts for clients who do not have the time or the expertise to manage their own servers. Another issue is involved cost. Dedicated hosting solution can be really costly, depends on various factors, and if you do not have the kind of cash to spend for your web hosting solution, then it is better that you look at some other options available on the market.

All in all dedicated hosting is a great option for large websites and businesses which are looking to attract more and more visitors and are on an exponential expansion path.

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