Godaddy Shared Hosting

GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosting companies, in the quite competitive market. It was founded in 1999 which means that it has been around for quite a long time. It has been able to offer basic, intermediate and advanced services for all its clients at the cheapest price possible. It has an astounding, wide array of features which attract everyone, with a well designed, customer friendly website. It goes way beyond just offering the simple sit hosting. Another great benefit of GoDaddy is that it provides many solid extras with no extra charges.

Hosting Packages

Majority of web hosting companies provide distinct packages, so does GoDaddy. The first package is known as Economy. This comes with a cost of 3.95 USD per month. With this plan, you get one free domain, 5GB of space together with 250GB of bandwidth. The other package is the Deluxe plan. This is considered the best and it comes with a charge of 6.99 US dollars a month. With this package, you receive 100GB disk space, 1000GB of bandwidth and unlimited domains. The third one, which is the most expensive, is called the premium. This package comes with a cost of 14.99 USD each month with 200GB disc space, 2000GD bandwidth and unlimited domains. They also offer other additional packages like dedicated hosting and VPS packages.

Control Panel

This hosting web company uses its own control panel known as Plesk. This application is not at all similar to cpanel despite the fact that they both offer Linux and windows hosting. Plesk supports SQL server, ASP and PHP. However, it does not support enterprise connection for the SQL server. This leaves you with the only option of using their interface for SQL server. Nevertheless, Plesk is really user friendly and accommodating.

Performance Review

GoDaddy has featured in the top ten companies a large number of times. Yes, there are always some few complaints here and there, but the company’s uptime is way beyond what many companies in the industry live up to. They have an extraordinarily high performing server which guarantees fast and efficient services.

Customer Support Review

The company offers support tickets and an all time phone support. This ensures that all your queries are appropriately answered, and on time. They are ready to guide newbies in to getting exactly what they want. The support staff is also welcoming to experienced users who want solutions to their problems.

The GoDaddy customers give accolades to its high performance. However, the control panel has given users some difficulties. Moreover, the contract doesn’t renew itself automatically and, if you fail to renew in time, they charge extra 80 US dollars. Other than the few drawbacks, GoDaddy Is excellent for those with business oriented websites. It is always misleading to base your web hosting company choice on some reviews which are negative and condescending. It is always worth it to try GoDaddy and experience the real hosting it actually offers. On a scale of 5, I would rate it at 3.3.

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