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Hostgator is a leader when it comes to providing web hosting solution to individuals as well as corporates. They offer a wide range of webhosting solutions, ranging from shared web host to reseller host service. But there is one web host solution for which this webhosting provider is particularly famous for. It is their dedicated hosting plan. Let us take a look at some of the features of dedicated server webhosting offered by Hostgator.

Price and plans:

Hostgator currently offers both Linux as well as Windows based Dedicated webhosting plans. Linux based dedicated host plans further include Basic DS plan, Standard DS plan, Elite DS plan and Pro DS plan. These plans are priced from $74/month to $374/month. Windows based dedicated server plans are classified and priced in the same manner as Linux based plans.


All Hostgator DS plans run on server systems having powerful CPUs such as Intel Xeon 3360 or Intel Xeon 3450+. These server systems also come equipped with additional memory and fault tolerant storage drives. Not only this, each one of those servers is supported by a fully redundant network without any points of failure and multiple bandwidth providers, something that is not there in case of other webhosting providers. The state of the art data center guarantees 99.99% uptime for your website.


The kind of uptime guarantee that is offered by Hostgator is offered by only a few other players in the market. Reliability is ensured by continuous server monitoring and regular data backups made using RAID arrays. Apart from this, multiple layers of network security protect server systems from intrusion and damage from malicious users. This company also makes use of advanced firewall softwares to avoid intrusion and damage to customer accounts. In addition to this state of the art data centers are equipped with power backup systems and HVACs to ensure smooth running to customer accounts.

Customer support:

Hostgator offers 24/7 support 365 days a year via live chat, ticketing system and phone. It also offers 24/7/365 support for any server issues that might arise during server operation. Also, they have a huge online support portal that can be used to interact with the hosting community. Not only this, they offer over 500 video tutorials and 680 help articles to help those who are new to dedicated server hosting.

Additional features:

Some of the additional features offered by Hostgator include unlimited POP3 email accounts, webmail access, unlimited databases, support for a variety of programming languages, latest cPanel and web based file manager, a WHM control panel for better server management, free sitebuilder and website transfers, unlimited reseller accounts, client management and billing software, dedicated IP address support for SSL certificates, etc.

From the above mentioned features, it can be clearly seen that the service offered by them is outstanding and there are very service providers which can offer the same kind of service at a price that is similar to what this provider is charging from its customers. Hence, it is a great idea to use Hostgator dedicated hosting services for hosting your website or your online business.

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