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Dedicated hosting is a hosting solution wherein the whole of the physical server is dedicated to hosting a single webhosting account. A dedicated hosting solution is required when you need to go beyond the kind of resource restriction that is applied in case of shared and VPS hosting accounts. Inmotion offers various different kinds of dedicated hosting plans based on your needs and requirements. Let us take a look at some of the features of the inmotion dedicated hosting solutions available in the market.

Plans and pricing:

Inmotion webhosting makes use of Intel Xeon powered servers to power its dedicated hosting accounts. At the moment, inmotion offers three different types of dedicated hosting solutions to its customers. These are the Essential plan, Advanced Dedicated Server plan and the Elite plan. Under the Essential plan, customers are provided with an Intel Core E2220/E5400 server with 2GB RAM and 1x160GB storage space. The bandwidth offered is 2.5 TB/month. This plan is priced at $219.95/month. The next plan is the Advanced Dedicated Server plan which offers Intel Xeon based servers offering 4GB of RAM and 500 GB disk space with 3 TB/month of bandwidth for a price of $249.95/month. The biggest plan is the Elite plan which offers 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB of storage and TB/month bandwidth for a price of $299.95/month.


Inmotion makes use of high powered servers to deliver the kind of features and power required for dedicated hosting. They offer Intel Xeon based severs having high cache memory packed with a lot of RAM so that the servers can handle any kind of load that is put on them. Also, in order to maintain excellent network performance, the servers are connected to the internet via BGP4 smart routing mechanisms to offer seamless connectivity.


In order to guarantee reliability and safety of data stored on the servers, inmotion makes use of RAID 1 fault resistant systems. Apart from this, system level performance monitoring is done by the service provider at its end. Also to protect hosted accounts from any kind of cyber attacks, there is support for network security and automated application of security patches.

Customer support:

Inmotion web hosting provides 24/7 award winning customer support to all its dedicated server hosting clients. Support can be accessed via the phone, email or live chat. Not only this, there is no outsourcing when it comes to support personnel. All support staff is 100% in-house and US based.

Additional Features:

Apart from the above mentioned features, inmotion webhosting offers a few more features with its dedicated server hosting accounts. These include SSH access, enterprise class Linux OS, advanced customizable firewall, reseller access with WHM panel, optional root access and a 30 day money back guarantee.

A dedicated server hosting plan needs to be selected carefully because different providers have different specifications with regards to what you need to manage and what they would be managing. The plans being offered by Inmotion offer you the ability to manage the internal functions of your server the way you want without burdening you with responsibilities that in your opinion need to be taken care of by your provider. Thus, the service plan offered by Inmotion can be said to be one of the best when it comes to choosing a dedicated server hosting plan.

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