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InMotion – Reliable Yet Affordable Hosting Provider

One of the most important step when it comes to website development is choosing the right webhosting service to host the web site. It can be challenging to choose the most appropriate web hosting company since some offer extras that are not available on other companies, some offer cheaper plan than others, and so on. In this case, InMotion is one of the few web host providers that can meet all the criteria when it comes to rich features, quality services, and affordable rate that will meet many customers budget plan.

InMotion has varied hosting plan available, from Shared, VPS, as well as Dedicated server solution. However, in this article I will only cover their shared hosting plan. You can read my review on their other plans on different page. With that said, let’s see what this webhosting provider offers to their customers.

Hosting Plans

They offer a variety of packages which are easy to understand and use. The launch package, which is the cheapest at 5.95 US dollars a month, allows users to establish two websites and up to six domains in one account. This plan also offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. This is mostly for personal websites and business starters. The second plan, the power package, goes for 7.95 US dollars monthly. This plan is convenient for those who want large amounts of bandwidth and space, preferably those with medium businesses. It has more features, like automatic data backup services, which are not found in the launch package. The last one is the business class hosting. This package is for people who want a larger business oriented setting. It comes at a price of 13.95 US dollars per month. It can host up to 25 sites on an individual account.

Outstanding Reliability and Efficiency

InMotion gives their clients a tier 1 network which is the best in not only reliability but also in high speed performance. They also provide their staff with extensive training on exemplary customer service. The support staff will take extra time on a call, no matter how much, to ensure the client is fully satisfied. They are always ready to help and will provide all the solutions to your questions.

Uptime Assurance

Inmotion offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You will never have to complain for any downtime experience for your website. This is impressive and a enormous benefit especially if you have a business based website.

Control Panel

The company offers cpanel control system to their clients. This is a remarkably efficient and user friendly control system that is universally liked and preferred.

Inmotion users, most of which transferred from other web host companies, are quick to attest to the company’s vested interest in client satisfaction. Users are impressed with the technological developments, which have guaranteed them secure, affordable, fast and efficient webhosting service. They even have a 90 day money back guarantee which clearly shows their quest to fulfill their promises. Inmotion is a web hosting company which is clearly out to provide the best service, and that service is what we should go for. I would rate it at 4.5 out of 5.

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