InMotion VPS

Inmotion hosting is one of those webhosting providers which have been offering virtual private server solutions for quite some time now. Inmotionhosting is known for its high performance VPS host solutions designed to fit businesses which are on a rapid growth path. They are designed to sustain heavy traffic and run websites which are highly dynamic and interactive in nature. Here are some of the features associated with the VPS hosting solutions provided by inmotionhosting.

Plans and pricing:

Currently inmotionhosting offers three different Linux based virtual private server webhosting solutions to its customers. These include the VPS-1000, VPS-2000 and VPS-3000 plan. The VPS-1000 plan offers 512 MB RAM and 40 GB of storage at a price of $39.95/month. The VPS-2000 plan, which is the most popular plan offered by Inmotion hosting, provides for 1 GB RAM and 80 GB of disk space for a price of $74.95/month. The third plan called the VPS-3000 plan is the most powerful VPS hosting plan offered by Inmotion hosting. This plan provides 2 GB of RAM, 160 GB of disk space and 2500 GB/month of bandwidth for a price of $149.95/month. This plan is suitable to host large sized websites attracting huge number of people.

Performance and reliability:

When it comes to performance, inmotionhosting guarantees high performance. For this purpose, they even allow you to choose the data center location that you want to use to host your account. While most VPS providers offer only a single data center, they provide a choice between two data centers located on the east coast and west coast of US. Also to ensure reliability, they make use of backups which are done every 24-36 hours. Not only this all data is stored on RAID 10 fault tolerant disks to avoid any loss of data in case of a server crash.

Customer Support:

Inmotion hosting offers 24/7 managed support which includes both customer support and technical support. Not only this, all support personnel are 100% in the house and US based technicians. Support is available via toll free telephone lines, chat and email. Apart from doing all this, they also monitor each VPS server system proactively to resolve any unforeseen issues before they crop up and do a lot of damage.

Additional Features:
Apart from the features listed above, inmotion VPS solutions provide a variety of other features. These include offering enterprise class linux OS for its servers, SSH access to users, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited cPanel subaccounts, advanced firewall protection, unlimited email accounts, reseller access with WHM and last but not the least, a 90 day money back guarantee. These additional features come at no extra cost and are offered to make their VPS web host plans more customer oriented.

Inmotion is one of those hosting solution providers which are based on the principles of offering a great service at an affordable price. They are known for their high reliability and customer service and are one of the best when it comes to making hosting a virtual private server account.

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