iPage Shared Hosting

Ipage has an outstanding experience in the web hosting industry, which hosts numerous personal, business, non-profit and social websites, they host more then a million website now, for more than ten years. This company knows the distinct types of webhosting customers, and as such, they are quick to provide them with services they need with a great deal of efficiency and flexibility. Moreover, this provider offers green web host solution. A lot of electricity is used to run web servers, and it is remarkable to note that they are trying to reduce the damage. It is buying and using renewable energy credits. Apart from providing affordable service, it goes an extra mile to provide you with all the useful tools that you may need to set up a proper website.

Ipage Hosting Plans

Whether you are a new webmaster or well experienced, this provider makes developing and managing a website an easy task. They offer one comprehensive package known as the Essential plan, which has three different contract terms. At the time this iPage review is written, the prices are only $2.95 per month for all periods of 12 months, 24months and 36 months. However, they usually have different promo periods so it is always suggested to check the latest prices as well as discount from their official site.

Every Ipage hosting plan comes with a variety of features such as unlimited bandwidth and disk space, site building tools, a security suite, free domain and e-commerce capabilities. If you want to run a wordpress blog, you can get your blog run with just few clicks. They also provide free credits for advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Facebook ads that will substantially increase online visibility for your site. Users have found that their web host service exceptionally easy to use. This is because they have a fantastic site builder that doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

Control Panel

Ipage uses vDeck, a popular webhosting control panel, whose main feature is its simplicity and usability. Its well structured attribute makes management of websites and domains very easily. For you who are familiar with cPanel and only want a hosting service using cPanel, trust me, vDeck is as easy as cPanel. You will find it easy to use just like cPanel one. Installing a blog, for example, will only ‘cost’ you a few mouse clicks. What I want to say is, don’t leave the chance to get this great and affordable webhosting service, or any hosting services, simply because it doesn’t use cPanel.


We all know the terrible image that your company can attain if your website is constantly down. Ipage ensures that this does not happen by offering a 99.9% uptime. Besides this unusually good uptime, the support staff is always ready to help whenever any query arises. And they also offer anytime money back guarantee so you don’t need to risk your money since your purchase is guaranteed. It’s a good sign that this webhost provider really sure they can meet their customers expectation.

Reliability and Security

Ipage uses an up-to-date top quality server system to help you get the most out of your website. This server system has a high execution speed with a processing power that is simply unique. This ensures the client has a terrific experience. In addition, it uses data encryption to ensure that the users’ information remains safe. All the facilities have on-site guards to prevent hackers from gaining access to any system files.

The only drawback of ipage hosting service is, it is impossible to upgrade your webhosting plan since currently they only offer one hosting plan. However, with their current web host plan will be able to accommodate most websites needs. In conclusion, ipage’s full featured and inexpensive hosting package offers all the essentials your website may need. It’s a web hosting company that is worth checking out.

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