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IXWebHosting is another big player in the webhosting industry. They have been in the business since 1999 and currently have more then half millions of sites hosted by this web host company. With more then 10 years of experiences and trusted by hundreds of thousands customers around the world, there is no doubt that ixwebhosting knows this field well and knows how to run their business.


Unlimited Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Email Accounts
Free Domains
Free Dedicated IPs
24/7 Customer Support (Phone, Chat, Ticket, Email)
Free Easy Site Builder
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
30 Day & Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
Free 7 Days Trial
Dedicated, Trained Anti-Hacking Team


Free Google AdWords Advertising Credits
Free Miva Advertising Credits

Customer Review

I run several sites on different web host companies, and while I like them all, I can say that ixwebhosting by far is the best choice for me. The fact that they have different hosting packages give me a warm feeling that anytime my site needs more server resources I can upgrade to more advanced plan easily. Their customer supports are great, fast, and know what they do. I will recommend ixwebhosting anytime. ~David


By far… NONE! It’s simply a webhosting service that works great!

Hosting Plans

IXWebHosting offers 3 host plans, which are shared, VPS, and dedicated (cloud hosting). Each plan comes with 2 operating system choices, Linux and Windows. I will write about their shared hosting service on this IXWebHosting review article and will write separate reviews on their VPS and dedicated plans. In the meantime, you can visit their official site above if you are looking for more information about their VPS and Dedicated sever plan.

Hosting Features

IXWebHosting offers 3 shared webhosting services on their Linux server and 2 shared hosting plans on their windows server. The features on both OS servers are identical but the prices are a bit different since Windows is not a free OS compared to Linux. In this IXWebHosting review I will put more emphasizes on the Linux server since this is the most popular hosting server one among webmasters today.

Each shared webhosting package comes with unlimited space and bandwidth as well as unlimited domains that can be hosted on the hosting account. Customers will also get free domain on each purchased webhost plan. On the lowest price plan you will get 1 free domain, and 2 free domains on the middle plan, and 3 free domains on the highest plan.

Another difference among those plans is the amount of dedicated IPs you get. On the first plan you get 2 dedicated IPs, on the mid plan you’ll get 3 dedicated Ips, and on the highest plan you will receive 15 free dedicated IPs. Dedicated IP will be really helpful in term of SEO. Awesome deals, if you ask me.


Talking about price can be a bit misleading since many web hosting companies offer various promotions, discounts, promo codes, and other terms during the year that will make the price ‘fluctuate’. It is always suggested to get the latest prices from each webhosting company official site.

With that said, I can say IXWebHosting offers a very attractive and competitive prices range. At the time I write this review (I will update it regularly), the first plan is offered at $3.95/month (reduced from $6.95 regular price), the mid plan is $7.95/month (reduced from $9.95 regular prices), and the highest plan is also at $7.95/month (from $12.95 regular price). If you ask me, I will choose their highest plan due to the 15 free dedicated IPs and 3 free domains, especially at this promo price.

Once again, please check their official site for latest prices updates.

IXWebHosting offers 7 days free trial if you want to try their webhosting services first. They also offer 30 days and anytime money back guarantee on all of their web host services so you don’t have to worry about losing your money if their service doesn’t meet your expectations (unlikely).

And don’t forget, all webhosting plans from IXWebHosting come with 99.9% up-time guarantee.

Customer Supports

IXWebHosting taks this aspect seriously by providing various support systems you can use to contact their support staffs in case you face any problems or want to get other helps that can be reached anytime, 24/7. Their support staffs are available by phone call, online chat, ticket system, as well as email support. IXWebHosting only hire skilled and trained support staffs so they will be able to solve almost any problems you may face down the road.

You have to make sure that you only choose hosting company that provides 24/7 help supports since you don’t know when will you face a problem with your site or hosting account. And you have to make sure the support staffs are highly skilled on the hosting field so they can address your problems fast.

Web Site Promotions

Every hosting plan comes with free credits on Google Adwords and Miva. You can use the credits to start promoting your website to get it noticed in front of your potential customers. Having your site running is one thing, and having your site presented in front of potential customers is a different issue. Use the free advertising credits to get your business rolling.

You can check other features you will get from IXWebHosting directly from their official site.

IXWebHosting Review Conclusion

I can say that IXWebHosting offers attractive webhosting service with massive and generous features at a very affordable price. Supported with their 99.9% uptime guarantee as well as 30 days and anytime money back guarantee, not to mention their 24/7 support system, I can say that you can go wrong with IXWebHosting. And again, they have various web hosting plans that will allow you to move to higher plan anytime you need without facing the complicated processes of transferring your websites to other web host company.

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