JustHost Reseller

JustHost is a web hosting provider which offers its award winning hosting service for use by reseller hosting providers, complete with their own private name servers and dedicated IP addresses. JustHost reseller hosting solutions offer small as well as medium sized hosting resellers the option to set up their own hosting businesses with solutions provided by JustHost. This way resellers can focus more on the customers rather than hardware and software maintenance issues, which occur frequently in case one is running a hosting business.

The biggest advantage of using JustHost as a reseller hosting provider is that your bandwidth is not subjected to any caps; instead you get a bandwidth speed which is capped at a certain level. Thus ensures that you are never out of bandwidth and your clients are never in a situation where in their sites become inaccessible just because you ran out of the bandwidth allocation for that month. This is a great feature for resellers as you can now sell more accounts out of the same reseller package without putting too much pressure on your hosting account.

JustHost currently offers three types of reseller accounts. The first one is the Silver plan, which has been priced at a measly $19.95/month. It offers 100 GB of disk space apart from unlimited bandwidth at 15Mbps. The second plan is the gold plan which offers 250 GB of disk space at 25Mbps at a price of $49.95. The third plan is the platinum plan priced at $89.95 which offers 500 GB of disk space at 35Mbps bandwidth. The choice of the reseller plan needs to be based on how many customers you are going to cater too.

Not only this, JustHost offers a host of other features too for reseller hosting providers. These include a reseller control panel running on Web Host Manager and a 24/7 technical and customer support. Apart from this, with each reseller hosting account you get a free billing and client management software from ClinetExec which can help you process payments from your clients in an efficient manner.

Also apart from offering the above mentioned features, a range of freebies are also offered with each hosting account. These includes a free domain name, customized private name servers and an anytime money back guarantee, something that is not offered by any other reseller hosting provider. Not only this, JustHost also offers free courtesy backups for each and every customer. This way all the data on your reseller account is protected by the hosting provider free of charge.

JustHost is a hosting provider which is known for its reliable service, something that can be validated by the speed of their back end connection to the internet, capable of delivering up to 400 GB/second. JustHost is one of those providers which take interest in your reseller business and help you succeed in the long run. So if you want to run a reseller hosting business, the best bet would be go to JustHost and open a reseller hosting account with them. Once you do this there is nothing that would stop you from being successful.

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