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There are several famous and reputable companies when it comes to web hosting provider, and JustHost is definitely one of those. Founded and introduced to the market on 2008, this web host company, at the time I write this review, has offices in the US, UK, as well as in Australia. A good decision I must say. It seems they want to get themselves on Europe, US, and AU web hosting market which are really huge. And up to now, this webhosting company already has more than 100K customers from around the globe.

I can see JustHost keeps improving their business. I was ‘there’ when this web host company only has one web host plan, they only have shared webhosting back then, and now they also offer Reseller and VPS package to the market. I also can see how they keep improving all of their service back end, from the facility to the customer services. Pretty impressive, I must say.

While they currently offer 3 different web host plan, on this article I will only cover their shared hosting plan. I will write different review covering their different plans on other pages. OK, let’s see what kind of shared web hosting they offer to the market.


Their shared host package comes with very rich features, including various unlimited features on spaces, bandwidth, add-on, sub and parked domains, email, as well as database. They also offer 1 free domain on every hosting contract. They use cPanel, the most famous and user-friendly hosting control panel where you can instal various web application, such as blog, forum, CMS, in just few clicks. Want to run your own online store? Don’t worry, you can develop it in just few mouse clicks with this hosting service.


At the time this JustHost review is written, they offer an introductory price at $3.5/month, terms and condition applied. I must say that this is definitely an incredible price offer, considering they offer rich features and quality service. However, just like other hosting companies, they keep introducing new price plan as well as different promotions and offers. Visit their official site to see their recent price offer.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Majority of companies provide a30-90 day money back guarantee. However, Justhost has no such day limit. Isn’t this just great? This particular guarantee is a strong attraction point for many consumers. With this guarantee, you can always chose this provider knowing that if at any point you are dissatisfied, your money will be returned.

Control Panel

The web hosting company uses cpanel which is relatively easy to use. This control system enables one to manage files and email accounts, to easily add new domains and to install custom scripts. Cpanel also includes Fantastico script that enable webmasters to easily install web applications.
99 9% uptime assurances

Justhost clients are protected by the 99.9% Uptime guarantee. This guarantee states that the company will credit your account with a full month’s hosting costs if it fails to produce 99.9% uptime. That is just utterly terrific, and it is one of their best selling points.

Users of this web hosting plan rate it as the best in the industry. It provides them with 99.9% uptime, high and fast performance and user friendly environment. What more could they ask for? The only weak point Justhost has is that it has unusually few reviews online since it is still a new company. Thus, clients are not able to get any reviews from those who have used their service. However, people have started writing about their experiences. Justhost is a company which is destined to rise high and wide in the near future, and I would rate it at 4.5 on a scale of 5.

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