Managed and Unmanaged VPS Hosting Plan

I’ve been asked several times about which one to choose when it comes to VPS hosting, managed or unmanaged plan. Many people only know that managed is more expensive compared to the unmanaged one, and nothing more beside that price thing. So, let’s see the inside of both options.

Managed VPS

As stated above, basically managed VPS is more expensive than the other one. But don’t assume too fast that the additional expense is a waste of money.

Once you paid the agreed price on this plan, basically the price includes all the things related to the service. Be it server management and monitoring, certain applications or scripts installation or removal helps, expert helps and advices, as well as the infrastructure, all are already covered on that deal.

With such coverage, this option is an appropriate option for people who don’t really understand about running their own server, or not sure about their capability when there’s something wrong with server, or maybe people who simply don’t want to deal with it, or just have no time for it.

In such case, paying a bit higher will be really worth it. In this case, all you need to bother about is your website hosted on that server. Have problem with one of the application? Need more space or need new script installed? Just fire your support ticket and consider it’s done.

Unmanaged VPS

While this option is the low-cost option that can help you a lot in reducing your expenses, you should not take this plan unless you really understand how to run your own server, have the knowledge, and time, to solve any issues that may arise down the road.

With this option, the only thing that will be covered and handled by the VPS hosting provider is the server down time. They will not handle any issues such software problem, server configuration, non-running scripts, and various other problems.

With that in mind, if you are sure that you know how to run your server, have deep knowledge on the operating system used on that box, have the experiences on configuring and setting it up, know how to fix any possible issues, as well as have the time for it all, then unmanaged VPS hosting service will be suitable for you.

Apart from the fact that this option is cheaper, you still have to be sure to choose the right company. Reputable VPS hosting company probably will charge you a bit higher, but most of the time they will deliver far better service than the cheaper ones. You don’t want to experience constant down times, no matter how knowledgeable you are, right?

Ok, back to the question, which one to choose when it comes to managed and unmanaged VPS server?

The answer is back to the fact about both options. Unmanaged one will cost you less money but requires knowledge, experiences, and time on your part. On the other hand, managed VPS service will cost you more money but you don’t have to deal with any problem with your server that may arise.

Basically, I will recommend people to choose managed service, considering that most people don’t have the knowledge and experiences when it comes to running their own server. Sure, it cost more but the benefits of not required to deal with server problems is just worth the extra expenses.

However, if you are a UNIX whiz kid who love and have the time to deal with the server, and prefer to have everything kept in-house, then unmanaged plan will be suitable for you. With this plan you can configure and setup the server just the way you want it, and at the same time save you a good amount of money in the long run.