Reseller Hosting – An OVerview

With a reseller hosting plan it is possible for you to get yourself involved in the fast growing and lucrative web host market. The demand for webhosting services is growing really fast these years, thanks to the growth of Internet world in general. Everyday, there are hundreds of new websites developed, and every site needs this specific service to get online and accessible from around the globe. With the help of reseller host service, you can join the market and enjoy this lucrative market pie without the needs to spend a huge amount of capital money. You can even run your business even if you don’t know how to manage your own server since the provider will take care of it.

Reseller hosting, basically, allows you to buy a web hosting package and from this single account you will be able to split it out and create lots of individual accounts that is stand-alone. You split the server spaces and bandwidth you get into those individual accounts and then you can simply resell them to different customers. Each customer will get their own account along with the control panel and allocated spaces and bandwidth, and at the same time you still have the complete control over your web hosting account.

By splitting and reselling your single account into various accounts to different website owners, you can get profits from this business. Of course it depends on how good you are in marketing your webhosting business, the more clients you get the more profits you are going to earn. If you are good at marketing your services, hosting reselling can be a lucrative business. There are many people who earn big bucks each month running this specific reseller business scheme.

If you want to start your host reseller business, at first, you will need to find a good web hosting company offering affordable and reliable reseller service. You can start with small plan such as 50GB web spaces that cost around $20-$30/month or even less. You can split it into, let’s say, 20 accounts each at 2.5GB spaces allocated. If you sell each account at $2/month, just an example, you will earn $40/month, and your profits will be about $10-$20/month.

At first, it may sounds like little money that may not worth the hassles, however, once your business runs it is auto passive money for you. And of course, once you know how to market your service properly, it is just a case of up scaling your company by leasing more accounts and servers.

There are various ways for you to start and run your hosting reselling venture. You can promote your web host service on different webmaster forums, on your blog, ebay, and many other places. It is not mandatory, however it will be a lot better if you develop website specifically for this purpose. You can display your web hosting services along with the plans, specifications, prices, order form, and many other features on the website that will really helpful for your overall venture. There are many webhosting site templates across the web, both free and paid templates, just pick one that meet your needs.

Reseller host is also suitable for people who run services around web sites. Let’s say you are a web designer. You can also offer hosting service for your clients so you can get all of their sites in-house and offering a kind of one stop shopping for your customers. Why not leveraging your client base so you can get more money from them? It’s a simple concept that is applied by many big brands around the globe.

Again, once you have successfully resell your first account, it is just a matter of up-scaling your business. You can buy another reseller account or you can even buy a single server where you can sell a lot more hosting accounts from one single account. This way, you will definitely have more control on your business, though it will also require more advanced skills in managing a server.

Reselling hosting service can be a good and easy way for anyone to make money online. In fact, there are several big hosting companies who started their business from hosting reseller. The initial capital needed to enter this business is really affordable and at first steps you don’t need to master advanced skill. It is very easy from technical point of view. The hardest part is marketing your service and getting more clients to your business.

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