Shared Hosting and Its Effect On Your Website Ranking

There is no doubt that shared hosting is the most popular option for website owners due to their affordable prices as well as other convenient features it offers. Almost all new webmasters and blogger will start with shared hosting to host their website and blog. Now, maybe some of you start to ponder whether shared hosting has an effect or two for your website ranking on search engine, or not.

Before we talk about that issue, let’s see the basic concept of shared hosting, along with its benefits and drawbacks.

Essentially, on a shared hosting plan there are many users use the same server resources, be it the server equipments such as CPU, RAM, and various other parts, as well as the drive space, the bandwidth, and so on. And most likely, but not always, users also share the same IP, unless she/he decides to buy dedicated IP. Will talk about it more later.

Since all users use the same server resources, the web hosting provider is able to cut the price a lot since the overall cost to run the server will be divided into many users. This is the biggest benefit of using shared hosting plan, it allows new website owners or start up companies with limited budget to start their online business at a low cost price.

Another benefit of shared hosting package is the fact that the users get a ready to use account with complete features that will allow them to have their website in just few minutes and mouse clicks. Want to run a blog, forum, or event your online store? There are applications available for them that can be installed in just few minutes.

On the other hand, the fact that there are many users use the same server, it can’t be avoided that sometimes different sites running on the same server can affect other sites on it. When one of the site uses too much server resources it make the other sites load very slow, or even make the whole sites on it cannot be accessed.

It forces the hosting provider to allocate certain amount of ‘allowances’ on how much a site can use the server resources. When your site uses too much of it and start affecting other sites, most likely the provider will simply suspend your site so it will not affect other sites on the same box. So, basically, every user will only have a tiny amount of server resources that, in certain cases, can limit the site performance a lot.

Now, let’s back to the original question, whether your site ranking can be affected by the shared hosting plan or not. Or maybe your question will be, is there any effect of shared hosting to my website SEO campaign? Let’s take a look at it closer.

While the above drawbacks can be really hurt your site performance, in the case of SEO or website ranking on search engine, the most crucial drawback of shared hosting is the fact that all users will use the same IP address.

Since it can be hundreds of sites using the same IP address, in some cases, it is possible that you have bad neighborhood with various sites running spamming practices or blackhat SEO campaign. When there are only few sites like that on the same IP address maybe it will not affect you. But if there are too much of them, it may starts to affect your site ranking severely.

If you have a spammer on the same IP address it may result in getting your site get blacklisted by various spam-report sites. It will make your site blocked by certain filters that will make it hard for you to have trackbacks or blog comments, which essentially a good way to connect with other website owners and bloggers.

Safe-Guard Your Site With A Dedicated IP Address

Luckily for us, most reputable hosting providers allow their user to get a dedicated IP address connected to their shared hosting plan. With the help of dedicated IP address you can run your site on the same server, and enjoy all the benefits of the plan, but don’t have to bother about other sites activities. The dedicated IP will separate your site with those bad neighborhoods.

So, to summarize, yes, your shared hosting account can affect your site ranking and marketing campaign, however it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. With the help of dedicated IP address you will not need to worry about it.