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shared webhosting reviewFinding a good shared hosting service can be a challenging task since there are too many offers from various companies available on current market. Without proper knowledge and guide how to choose the appropriate service, most new website owner will have a hard time to find the best service provider to go with.

On this page you can find various shared hosting provider and service reviews so you can see each of those service clearly before deciding which to choose. We will try our best to provide you the best shared web host providers that is reliable as well as affordable. We will keep updating the list to give you more options and choices so you can find the right plan that meets your needs and budget.

Below are our complete reviews on various companies and services. The arrangement is not based on rating. Each service and company has their own strength/weakness factors so we suggest you to check each reviews properly prior to decide which service to choose.

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Shared Hosting

When it comes to hosting websites, there are several different webhosting options available to website owners and developers. These options include making use of VPS plan, dedicated server, collocation server, and so on. But there is one option that is cheaper than the rest and is suited to host websites which have just begun their operations. That option is shared hosting service.

A shared webhosting solution is a plan wherein several websites are hosted on a single server and the resources of the server are used by all the sites that are hosted on that server. This means that in case of this web host package, a company or provider distributes the whole sever into blocks which are used to host independent accounts. These accounts, although different from one another, share the same resources and bandwidth. This why this type of web host service is the cheapest option available in the market and is suitable for use by start up websites which are low on cash and can spend the extra cash on other essential things rather than spend money on an expensive webhosting plan.

If you take a look at the recent market, most of the companies and providers offer unlimited shared web host plans which allow you to host unlimited number of domains and websites on the same account at a very low price. This webhosting package comes complete with a load of features such as additional sub-domain hosting, additional email accounts, cPanel or cPanelX for control and administration and 24/7 customer support. Not only this, for an additional fee, users can also get their own IP address, SSL encryption, advanced server management features, etc. Apart from this, most providers offer this plan with completely scalable in nature. This means that you can move to a bigger plan once the requirements of your website increase without having to worry about porting issues.

The problem with having this type of webhosting account is that if your service provider hosts too many accounts on the same server, some sites might get bogged down by the traffic and resource usage by other sites on the same server. Also, since server resources are limited and shared, a sudden spike in your website’s traffic can lead to undue downtime for your website due to excessive usage of the server resources.

But all these problems can be avoided by choosing a hosting provider which allows only a limited number of allowed accounts per server and also performs activities relating to resource balancing on their servers. Also most web host providers issue resource constraint notices to website owners which use more than a certain percentage of the server resources, thus allowing for similar distribution of server resources amongst all of the account holders.

Shared hosting accounts allow webmaster to host their websites at a cost that is quite low given the kind of resources that are at the disposal of the website owner or the developer whose site is being hosted. This web host plan is a cheap alternative to other types of hosting solutions such as VPS plan and dedicated plan and is great for micro and mini-websites which do not require a lot of resources or for websites which have just begun their operations and would scale up only if they become successful in the future.

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