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Superb hosting offers a host of features and plans when it comes to dedicated server hosting. What makes superb host dedicated hosting service different from other hosting providers is that you get a huge choice when it comes to selection of the server that is going to be used for hosting your account. You have the option of choosing servers running on Pentium based, Xeon based, Conroe based, Core i3 based, Core i7 based or Dual E5 based processor, thus giving you the opportunity to select a server that is suited to your hosting needs.


Superb web hosting offers various different kinds of dedicated server hosting plans. These include Business dedicated plans, Corporate dedicated plans, Enterprise dedicated plans, Lease-to-Own plans, Sandy Bridge servers and unmetered server plans. These plans are different from one another in various aspects such as server type, amount of RAM, processing power, storage space and network bandwidth allocated. These plans are priced from $39/month to $795/month.


When it comes to server hardware performance, there is no other hosting provider which offers the kind of features and customization options which are offered by superb dedicated web host. You have the option of selecting the kind of server that would be used for your hosting account so the performance is dependent on what you have opted for. They offer various types of systems ranging from small ones which are not that powerful to large ones which are powerful enough to power huge sites. In terms of network performance, they offer customers the option to host their servers on any one of the two data center they have. Not only this, they use the services of multiple high end internet providers to provide internet access to their clients.


They offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee with every dedicated hosting plan. They ensure this by using their high end data centers located on the west and the east coast. These data centers run on fully redundant networks which are fault tolerant and which are maintained by Cisco. Not only this, data security and reliability is ensured by making use of RAID array to backup any stored data.

Customer service:

Superb dedicated hosting offers customer support via their in-house myCP ticket system. Not only this, customer support is provided 24/7, 365 days a year and it also offered through toll free phone lines. Apart from this, they offer 30 day unlimited set up support to help you set up your account and your website. Not only this, with every dedicated hosting account you get a host of professional services such as disaster recovery, server security, server optimization, etc.

Additional features:

These include additional services which can be used for a small fee. These include proactive monitoring, operating system hardening, managed backup service, managed advanced firewall service, continuous data protection service and a variety of control panel options.

These are some of the features of dedicated server hosting plans being offered by superb hosting provider. The thing is that even though there are many different plans available it becomes rather difficult to select a plan that is suited to your needs; helps you in finding out your requirements and helps you choose a plan that is suited to your business operations. This is the reason why the service provided by superb dedicated hosting is the choice of thousands of dedicated server users across the globe.

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