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Superb VPS hosting is considers one of the best when it comes to virtual private server solution. This is not only because, superb web host offers a service that is unmatched by any other providers on the market, but also because of the kind of choice you have when it comes to getting a VPS account from them. Let us take a look at some of the important things associated with VPS solutions being offered by superb web hosting.

Plans and price structure:

Superb hosting offers not one, not two but seven different types of VPS web hosting plans for all customers. These are the Mini, Lite, Standard, Pro, Max, Enterprise and Ultimate plan. The mini package which is offered for $30/month offers 512 MB RAM and 30 GB disk space. The Lite plan offers 1 GB RAM and 60 GB drive space for $50/month. The standard one offers 1.5 GB RAM, 90 GB web space for $65/month. The Pro plan brings in 2 GB of RAM and 120 GB hard drive space for $90/month. The max package increases the amount of RAM to 3 GB and the space to 180 GB at a cost of just $150/month. The Enterprise plan offers 6 GB RAM, 360 GB disk space for $300/month. The largest package offered is the Ultimate plan which guarantees 12 GB RAM and 720 GB disk space for $575/month.

Performance and reliability:

Performance is guaranteed by the use of Dual Xeon Quad Core servers which are used to host VPS accounts. Not only this, there is a choice of data centers to compensate for any network lags which might hinder performance. When it comes to reliability, offers 100% uptime guarantee. This is ensured by making use of fault tolerant servers such as Fast RAID 10 disk arrays and regular backups. For the purpose of security, superb hosting offers services such as OS hardening for both Windows and Linux and proactive monitoring. OS hardening minimizes exposure to current as well as future threats to a VPS hosting account.

Customer Support:

Superb host offers 30 day unlimited support in order to help out with configuration of databases, websites, email, and other things. Apart from unlimited support, there is the option of proactive monitoring which ensures that problems are identified and rectified as soon as possible. The proactive system works as an advanced management system that automatically looks for problematic services and restarts them without affecting the rest of the server.

Additional Features:

Additional features include dedicated IP addresses, remote reboot of the server, self managed operating system, remote console access, supermicro servers for better performance. Not only this, you get a variety of options when it comes to operating systems, including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Windows. Also when it comes to control panel access, there is the option of using mCP, cPanel, parallels plesk or plesk powerpack.

The VPS services offered by are unique due to the kind of server configurations that are available for use by customers. Also since the service offered is great, it is right to assume that there are very plans which match the features offered by superb VPS hosting.

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