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Do you want to establish a personal or a business oriented website? Whether shared hosting, dedicated server or vps solution is what you are looking for, Webhostinghub is just the perfect host or your website. The award winning company has been known to provide high quality services to its customers at comparatively low prices. Their technical support staff is awesome not to mention their fast, easy and reliable host solution. Their low cost charging has made them reach new heights in the highly competitive industry as they continue to get more and more consumers into their clientele.

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Packages and Features

Contrary to other web hosting companies, webhostinghub offers only one hosting plan. The all inclusive plan has many of the best features that clients look for. These features are suitable for both business and personal demand. The plan offers one free domain, unlimited domains can be hosted on one account, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, cpanel for all accounts, a free website builder and automatic installation of wordpress. Furthermore, the package comes with advanced security suPHP and comprehensive email functionality.

The cost for a year hosting plan is 6.95 US dollars per month. However, there are more benefits on taking up on a longer commitment plan, usually more than three years. One advantage is enjoying the significant discounts to as low as 4.95 US dollars per month. Moreover, one can easily make payments through many available payment options which include visa, MasterCard, discover, American express and PayPal.

Control Panel

Webhostinghub uses cpanel on their servers. The cpanel is a extraordinarily easy control system to work with and is used by many hosting companies spread across the world. Cpanel enables one to manage files, email accounts, domain names and databases. The cpanel has many advanced features which include; website building software, inbuilt traffic tacking system and an easy script management tool.

Uptime Guarantee

This host provider guarantees 99% uptime. If one is transferring from one host to this webhosting provider, the staff is always ready to assist in the no downtime transfer process.

Irrefutable Support

In the realm of reliability and support, Webhostinghub has been constant in providing for the much yearned for customer service, which makes it unique. They have user friendly staff which provides one with all the information needed. These agents are patient and give you clearly outlined guidelines on any steps you might want to take.

Getting the desired personal or business website has become incredibly easy due to the useful features that come along with your account on this company. Users, especially novices who have used it to set up new websites, are pleased with the unbelievably real support they get from the customer service. These people were able to get their websites up and running in just a matter of hours. They not only offer the users a fast and secure service but also an affordable, well featured package. As a result, many people are even switching their domains from other webhosting companies to this one. The great attributes that Webhostinghub has will ensure a prosperous future, not only for the web hosting company but also for the wide clientele.

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