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Webhostingpad, which was founded by a group of veterans in the industry in 2005, has impressively gained wide popularity in the recent years. This is due to the company’s ability to deliver the best value web hosting at a relatively affordable price. They presently host over 200,000 domains. This impressive figure shows its fast, comprehensive and reliable service which everyone is able to afford. Moreover, they do not raise the monthly charges when you renew your contract. Why go for that 5 US dollar hosting plan on another company when you can attain the same quality service in webhostingpad for way cheaper?

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What plans are offered?

Webhostingpad provides a variety of options which are best for small/ medium business and personal websites. It provides a single basic package known as the power plan which comes at a cost ranging from 1.99 US dollars. There is the 12 month plan, which comes at a charge of 3.99 US dollars per month. The 24 month plan comes with a price of 2.99 US dollars per month, and the third 36 month plan comes with a charge of 1.99 US dollars. The package comes with a wide range of feature which include; unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, a free domain name and e-commerce features. This plan comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So if, you are dissatisfied you can always ask for your money, without having to lose a thing. This plan also ensures an uninterrupted service to your website as it renews itself automatically. Along with the budget friendly webhosting plan, there is also an unlimited bandwidth transfer. For more detailed info on their complete plans please check out their official site.

CPanel Control Panel

This hosting company uses the most recent version of cpanel. This cpanel has a lot of features, which include a site tool builder known as the RVSiteBuilder. This is a terrific site builder with incredible free images. It also includes Fantastico control panel which includes a variety of web hosting software and scripts.


Webhostingpad offers a superb uptime of 99.9%. The sites hosted on the server run optimally even during the peak hours. In addition, they are usually careful not to overload their servers with excessive consumers, which is usually a primary cause for downtime.

Impressive Customer Service

Isn’t it always gratifying to have someone who can answer all pressing questions as efficiently as possible? Webhostingpad ensures they fulfill this with their all time support from their highly qualified technicians. The users get superb online support through the hotline via phone and the email service.

Customers have found this web hosting company simply great. Their customer service and uptime is impressive, and the charges are simply ones to die for. Webhostingpad is an excellent option for webhosting. With the irresistibly low price and the 24/7 support service, you are sure that this hosting provider will fulfill all your needs in the best way possible.

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