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If you are looking for a web host solution that is far better than shared hosting but does not cost as much as dedicated server, then you can surely take a look at VPS solution. VPS or virtual private server is a hosting solution that offers you the opportunity to having your own dedicated virtual server without having to bear the costs associated with having a dedicated server for your website. VPS webhosting involves making use of virtualization software to create separate and independent virtual servers on same physical server which can be offered for web host service to individuals. Webhostingpad VPS hosting plan is considered one of the best and some of the features associated with this web host service are reviewed here.

Plans and offerings:

Webhostingpad currently offers three different types of VPS hosting plans for its customers. These are the Beginner plan, the Professional Plan and the Premium Plan. Under the Beginner plan, users get 10 GB of drive space, 128 MB guaranteed RAM and 100 GB of bandwidth for just $9.95/month. Under the Professional plan, 50 GB of web space is offered with 256 MB guaranteed RAM and unlimited bandwidth. The plan starts at $24.95/month. The third plan called the premium plan offers 100 GB of disk space, 512 MB of guaranteed RAM along with unlimited bandwidth for a price of $39.95/month.

Performance and reliability:

The plan offered by webhostingpad web host provider is suitable for business as well as e-commerce webhosting. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee which is achieved by using high powered servers, a fault redundant network, a state of the art data center and RAID array protection against data loss. Not only this, users are provided with 24/7 monitoring service in order to account for any problems which might get detected in the system at any time of the day. Data protection is done using regular automated backups of all the data that is present on your server.

Customer Support

Webhostingpad offers 24/7 server monitoring as well as 24/7 admin technical support to all its VPS clients. This ensures that no matter what your websites always remain up; thus protecting you from any losses that might result due to certain downtime activity on your website. Not only this, technical support can be accessed via telephone, email or the in-house ticketing system.

Additional Features

Apart from offering the above mentioned features, a few more additional features are offered by Webhostingpad when it comes to its VPS plans. These include full root access, private name servers, hosting of unlimited domain names, unlimited email accounts, advanced IP tables firewall, dedicated IP addresses for your websites, reseller options and a fully managed control panel. These features enable the management and usage of a VPS account more efficient and effective.

Even though services offered by webhostingpad are a bit rudimentary in nature, they are in fact best for individual and small companies wishing to host their business websites or e-commerce solutions. The thing is that the service which is provided by them is reliable and can be considered a cost effective solution for businesses which are still trying to make a mark with their online businesses.

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